Friday, September 05, 2008

Poster, books, tattoo, and one octopus

Currently working on a new poster for the Iowa City Barn Dance with a fellow printer at Browncity Press. Also, thinking about what to submit to the College Book Art Association's Bi-Annual Student Awards 2009. Interested in submitting something? Click here for the prospectus. Finalists will be on display at this year's conference, Art, Fact, and Artifact: The Book in Time and Place, in January 2009, to be held right here in Iowa City.

While looking for inspirations for a new tattoo, I found this:

Found atBibliOdyssey. Originally used in an ad campaign for Anagram Bookshop in Prague. Nice, huh?

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Cody G. said...

Are you getting a tattoo? Wait... do you already have a tattoo?? I have promised myself that this winter I will get a new tattoo, no matter what, even if it ends up being just an outline.

And, ye-he-hah, that is a cool image.