Monday, September 08, 2008

Great Northern Printers' Fair

Mark your calendars - the Great Northern Printers' Fair is coming up soon! Some info from the Briar Press website:

The Fifteenth Annual Midwest and Great Northern Printers’ Fair will take place at Printers’ Hall, on the Old Threshers Grounds in McMillan Park, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa on Friday and Saturday, September 19 & 20, 2008.

Come and join 100 or more other letterpress printers for this great annual event. Friday will consist on an Open House at Printers’ Hall and everyone is invited to come and ‘play’ with our equipment. Saturday will start with a Swap Meet in the morning, followed by an auction just after lunch. The awesome steam powerhouse in the museum building next-door should be operational on Saturday as well.

For complete information, go here. The photo is taken from the Midwest Old Threshers website.

Thinking of going but don't know what to wear? Might I suggest Angel Bomb's new t-shirt design that states "Lead is not dead." It's not really a new design, just new, friendlier colors. I have the original orange, which apparently was a problem for many people, but I'll admit it - I have a fondness for orange t-shirts.

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