Sunday, July 31, 2011

Little Phoenix Press and LoLPCON!

As usual, I have one or two too many projects in the works, and this summer is zipping along as I keep up with all of them. One is a new series of letterpress printed cards and blank books with a Chinese inspiration. Instead of printing them as part of Heroes and Criminals Press, I decided that it needed a new imprint, and so I created Little Phoenix Press. The name comes from my own Chinese name, which is the same as my grandmother's. Even though it's another name, it is all essentially me in my studio, printing away. This is the first card printed in that series - Xie Xie (Thank you) - of little kids on a rocket ship from a propaganda poster. The design includes another run of silver on the rocket ship, but I'm having some trouble with my rollers (need to order new ones), so they will have do as they are. I didn't print a lot of them, and the plan is to make a larger run this fall with the silver, once my new rollers come in.

Also in the works, and has been in the works for about a year now, is the Ladies of Letterpress Conference! I'm not sure what came over me a year ago when Kseniya, my business partner, and I decided that, why yes, we can organize a conference, nevermind our complete lack of experience. Now a year later, considered us schooled. Well ok, I admit that I'm still no expert at organizing large events, but I've definitely learned a lot, and next weekend will be the ultimate test. We're expecting about 150 people and we have two venues: the Renaissance Asheville Hotel and Asheville BookWorks. The conference includes panel discussions, demonstrations, presentation, and a trade and printers' fair, all revolving around letterpress printing. This is exactly the kind of conference I would want to attend, and I have a feeling that it'll be a fun weekend all around. Wish me luck!