Wednesday, March 28, 2007

SGC review

We just got back from the Southern Graphics Council 2007 conference, this year held in Kansas City, and I'm feeling revitalized and so motivated to make new work! Some hightlights:

A panel on printmaking as depicted in the entertainment industry was interesting, and pointed out all the times that scenes are shot in a printshop - especially in Catch Me If You Can, where Leonardo DiCaprio plays a con-man who uses commercial offset presses to print fake checks. Panelist Richard Gere (not the actor) pointed out one scene where the checks go flying out of the press (when the faker gets caught), but explains in detail how that particular brand of offset press didn't have a built-in papercutter, so the scene would've been impossible. I love it when printmakers get nerdy.

A demo on flocking and glittering has my work going in strange, fuzzy new directions.

Also, Karen Kunc, Richard Gere, and Kurt Wisneski gave a demo were they collaborated on a series of long narrative prints that echoed film strip imagery. They re-used a stack of blocks and stencils in multiple ways, repeating imagery that would come forward and fade away along the long strips of paper.

I also saw a lot of good exhibits, and saw distinct trends in music posters, paper burning, and little books (!!). The best art viewing experience was during the open portfolio, even though it was on the last day and I was feeling pretty burned out. Overall, it was a good (although somewhat disorganized) conference. I got what I needed out of it, simply a desire to make more prints. I'm looking forward to next's years conference, which will be held at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. See you there!

Friday, March 16, 2007

to the moon!

I was flattered the other day when Cheryl Jacobsen asked me if I wanted to be involved in a project for the UI Women of Science and Engineering. I was floored when she said that it would be going into space. That's right, a piece of my handmade gampi with Cherl's amazing calligraphy will be along for a ride to the International Space Station in October, taken up by NASA Astronaut Peggy Whitson. You can read more about it here.