Sunday, September 17, 2006

Revolution No. 10

UIowa Graduate Printmakers' show Revolution No. 10 can now be seen online. Well, some of it.


Anonymous said...

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cootie twoshoes said...

Okay, I was tricked into thinking there was an authentic comment here. I'll leave a comment, so it'll (hopefully) not be such a disappointment for others.

Looking at the Revolution No. 10 show I think about how many artists are changing the way we see art. Instead of or in addition to making fine, rare pieces that are custom fit into mattes and frames, some people are opting for cheaper, more easily reproduced versions. Like zines, buttons, tshirts, etc. As Jessica told me once, "democratic multiples."

It's an empowering concept. We don't need the Art World (the Royal Art) to facilitate our artmaking.

Jessica White said...

looks kind of sterile, huh?

you're reminding me again of what gary said - being able to make things that aren't "held hostage to the words 'fine art' and all that that phrase signifies".

these look like they're being held hostage.