Thursday, September 14, 2006

from breanne

this is a response to "autonomous activites" from my friend breanne

i personally feel no conflict about this for several reasons. the first is that i really think my life's purpose is make "picture books"- what is loosely meant as a narrative with words and pictures. ever since i was little, i wanted to be a published author and i really feel strongly about wanting to make books. if you feel most alive when you are making art, if it gives your life purpose and meaning, then that's the important thing.

the second reason is that, though this may sound cynical, i believe that no individual or group can make social change these days. the superstructures of the world- the giant corporations, the convoluted logic of our government and media- have to change or disappear for the world to get better. and the values of all people need to change too. i really believe that the world will only get better when people come to realize that the biosphere really is collapsing, yes, has already collapsed, and that we are dependent on this biosphere and need to start caring for the environment- not dominating it.

there's my two cents.

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