Sunday, September 10, 2006

beyond art

gary frost said that what he likes about some of the zines in the zine machine is that it's "more than art". this has stuck with me - the idea of making things that are beyond art, that aren't tied down by the parameters of what it has to be once it's called "Art".

i spend so much time trying to make something that's good enough to be validated as art, i haven't even entertained the idea that i could actually be making something that defies this kind of categorization.


cootie twoshoes said...

Dada is my favorite example of this. The folks involved with that movement were defying Fine Art as it was understood at that time. I guess what happened is that they redefined it for themselves, in order to use it as they wished. (I think that's what art is.)

Then, it got popular. In demand. With a mighty price tag. Thus, the Dada urinal. But, then, that, too, was absorbed into the Art World.

And, now, in recent news another artist tried to smash the Urinal, because, he claimed, Duchamp didn't intend it to be a piece of high-priced museum-quality work. It was a statement, not an object. Anyway, the toilet-smasher got arrested, and the Art World moves on.

Jessica White said...

3 cheers for the toilet-smasher!

he made art with his hammer.

Shawn "Scott" Smith said...