Wednesday, December 06, 2006

visual dialogue vs. haptic dialogue

I had a fun eureka moment this morning while crossing the bridge over the Iowa River:

Fine Art = the visual dialogue between an artist and the viewer(s)

Craft = the haptic dialogue between an artist and his/her materials

I know, I know, why do we need to dredge up the old argument of Art vs. Craft? Well I've been feeling lately a slow drift away from art and towards craft in myself, so I'm working on defining my own movement from one to the other, or to some place in between. Also notice that in both cases the 'maker' is called an artist, which points to the fact that we are essentially talking about two sides of the same coin.


Shawn "Scott" Smith said...

little bit a craft, little bit of art= cr-art of arft?
it's a new genre!

Cody G. said...

Oh, my! I've been waiting a whole month for an update!! I need some art/craft/life ponderations from this Bittersweetness And Light.

Won't you please?