Saturday, December 02, 2006

the big December 8th

Pull out your calendar, here are a few not-to-miss events happening next Friday, December 8th:
starting @ 4pm: UIowa Center for the Book Open House (North Hall)
starting @ 5pm: UIowa Printmaking Dept. Open House (Original Art Building)
starting @ 6pm: UIowa Painting Dept. Open House (Grad studios on the hill)

Also, the recent "Common Ground" exhibit will be featured on the Daily Palette on the same day - visit it anytime!

I just wanted to mention that I now know the difference between a mimeo and a ditto, the machines and the prints. Just one of the little things I take pride in.


Cody said...

What is the difference?

Jessica White said...

it's stencils (mimeo) vs. solvents (ditto). i'm making a little handout for my class presentation - i give you one.

Cody said...

Oh, goodie. I like handouts

(because I'm a nerd).