Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Press, New Studio

It was like Christmas yesterday, when I arrived at my new studio with my brand new Chandler & Price Old Style 10x15. She's only brand new to me; this press was made in 1885.

I first visited and purchased this press back in April from an awesome and talented printer, Loy McWhirter, outside of Burnsville NC, but there really isn't any room for this beast in our apartment, so I went on a studio search in Asheville for the perfect home for the her, and Heroes & Criminals Press. I finally found it in the River Arts District, at Riverview Station. It's one of the studios that they call 'rustic', and they mean it; no air conditioning or heat, open ceilings (lots of small studios in on big space, but we each have 4 walls and a door), and a shared bathroom and sink down the hall. Some benefits to the rustic space include an affordable price, nice high ceilings, two arched windows, and I happen to *like* the rustic look. Every now and then a bird or two flies in through the hallway window and I get to work to little cheep-cheeps and fluttering wings.

With Loy and Bruce's immeasurable expert help (and Scott too), we moved the beautiful press from Loy's studio to mine yesterday. In order to get her through my studio door, we had to first take the flywheel off (well, Bruce did). We moved the press carefully on three rolling iron pipes onto the trailer, closed and tied down the platen, and secured her to the trailer. We put the flywheel in the back of the pick-up and secured it with bungee cords. Then we drove to Asheville where we unloaded at Riverview Station, rolled her on the same three pipes through hallways, up a freight elevator, through more hallways (uphill this time!), then through the door to my studio. She found her perfect home in the corner by the window, showing off her beautiful curvy flywheel to anyone passing by the door.

There are a few more things that still need to be moved in - the typecase, flat file, more shelves, and possible the Showcard Press if there's any room left. Bit by bit, it's all coming together and I plan on getting lots of work done here this summer. I'm also getting it all set up, cleaned up, and dressed up for the Grand Opening that I'd like to have during the next River Arts District Studio Stroll the weekend of November 12th and 13th! Stop by and say hello!

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