Friday, April 22, 2011

A New Kind of Book Project

After a few years of hand printing and binding my own limited edition books, I am now embarking on an entirely new kind of book project - I've just signed on with Lark Crafts and Sterling Publishing to write a how-to book on letterpress printing! The book will have fun printing projects and step-by-step demonstrations on the techniques used to create each one. Projects will include greeting cards, personal stationary, posters, zines/pamphlets, calendars, invitations, playing cards, paper dolls, and even t-shirts!

Also in the book will be spotlights on printers (and their presses) who have inspired me over the years, information about community print shops where presses and classes are available to those just starting out, and a comprehensive guide of resources, both in print and online. Essentially, I'm writing that book that I wish I had when starting out as a printer, and one that I'll be able to use as I continue to teach printing classes and workshops. I hope that it will be informative, but also fun and challenging to printers at many levels.

The working title so far is Letterpress Now, but that might change down the road. I'll keep you updated on progress, and look for it in Fall of 2012!


elizabeth anne said...

lady, this is awesome! congratulations!!!!!

Dr. D. said...

I hope it has a section on printing using only a potato and a used teabag :)


Jessica C. White said...

Just for you, Dr. D - a whole chapter on potatoes and used tea bags. And it will be in Chinese.

Miss Erin Fae said...

Very very excited for you and to have this book in Alphabet City's reference library come 2012