Thursday, December 09, 2010

Greetings From...

I got the most beautiful set of postcards in the mail yesterday, all hand-printed by members of the Ladies of Letterpress! This is a print exchange inspired by mid-century postcards we remember, with the friendly phrases "Greetings from..." or "Hello from...", received each summer from vacationing friends and family. For the summer of 2010, we greet each other from our hometowns and our presses, creating a unique collection of personalized letterpress printed cards. This is just a small sampling of the talent and good cheer that makes up the Ladies of Letterpress.

One of the members, Camille Robin of Fish Lake Press instigated this project, organized it, and spent an extraordinary amount of time typesetting and printing the colophon, collating, packaging, and shipping out the finished cards. I loved going through these cards, and felt like I was on a whirlwind roadtrip as I flipped through them, each one a wonderful new surprise. (This photo only shows a small smattering of the whole collection.) We also have a few extra sets to sell, and the proceeds will go into the LofL Scholarship Fund, yippee!

To see all of the postcards in this collection, check out the LoL Postcard Swap 2010 Album here.

Have I mentioned that the Ladies of Letterpress rock? Yes, they do.

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