Friday, August 13, 2010

Craft Corps - a new Lark book

I just got my own copy of Craft Corps, a recent release by local Asheville publisher Lark Crafts (I'm adjusting to the new name, and still tend to call them Lark Books, one of my favorite publishers of how-to crafting and art books. I also love their 500 series.)

This book is a collection of interviews given by master crafter Vicki Howell, who says she was inspired by National Public Radio's audio project StoryCorps to record her conversations with a variety of  crafty folks. I'm only just getting into this book, but I'm surprised that I'm not devouring it like most craft books. I've found myself reading each interview, then wanting to give it a little time to sink in before moving on to the next one. I really appreciate reading the stories that people share about their own experiences, not only to be inspired, but also to find similarities in my own crafting life; making connections that help me feel like a part of a larger crafting community. Also scattered throughout the book are personal anecdotes by Vicki about how she knows each person she interviews, and vignettes of other crafters around the country and their "Words to Craft By".

I'm surprised by, and really appreciate, the range of artists interviewed in this book. Not only are there the ubiquitous 20 to 30-something young women crafters, but Vicki interviews men and women in all ages. There's also a range of superstars like Amy Butler, Jenny Hart, and Mark Montano alongside regular folks like me. Vicki covers ground on a lot of different types of crafting, but is heavy on the fabric-crafts side and light on my personal favorite, paper-crafts. I also suggest that you look past the un-inspiring cover, which is one my little irks about Lark's publishings. Like this book, their covers tend to look outdated, but don't let this fool you - what's inside is inspired and very much current.

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Anonymous said...

We like so many of the same things!! The name change to 'crafts' (vs. books) made me wonder. See you soon and happy day. Holly