Friday, July 23, 2010

My Gordo Adventure, Day 4

Yesterday was another productive printing day. It actually got off to a slow start while I made changes to my pressure print matrix (I ended up using the original design after changing it around for three hours). I've finished what I can on the broadsides and foldouts, and printed a similar image on the pages of the book. I still have one more run to print on the pages, but the rest of the images will have to be finalized and printed once I return to Asheville.

While I've been printing from polymer plates and linoleum, Jessica P. has been having fun with type on the press next to mine:

I took a break in the afternoon and set a little type for a Gordo Project. I'll post more on that tomorrow. Here are a few more discoveries in the shop.
Kathy watering plants outside the museum and work space she shares with Glen House.

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