Sunday, April 18, 2010

Water people

Spent a beautiful spring/summer morning yesterday at the lake with my dad. He taught me the basics of fly fishing, then I went for a lazy-paddle kayaking around the lake while he fished some more from the dock. Found some awesome little mossy-ferny spots along the banks, under the overhanging trees. Every time I get back on the water I'm reminded that I'm a descendant of water people. Especially my dad and his mother/my grandmother, but while they preferred to be near water catching fish, I'd rather paddle or sail, or swim. I haven't been sailing since before the big flood in Iowa, and I think it's time to look for a nice lake to sail around again.

Honestly, though, I had dreams about snapping the line just right to get the fly in the right place along the shore. Maybe there will be more fly fishing in my future...

Here's a photo of the sunrise on the bridge taken with my phone.

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