Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Cause manatees love books

I was recently invited to participate in a bookplates exhibit, and I took the opportunity to work on my engraving skills. I tend to make bigger prints, so being forced to create something small-ish made the prospect of engraving much less daunting. This was done on Resingrave, my engraving block of choice these days because I've noticed that I'm easily distracted by the wood grain on regular wood blocks! I really had fun with it, despite some problems with chipping, and am fairly pleased with the results. Well, usually pleased with the results - I'm learning by looking at work by my personal hero engravers out there: Barry Moser, Gaylord Shanilec, and local artist Andy Farkas, and by comparison my little engraving looks pretty sad. I'm trying not to get down about it, and at the very least each one of my prints are better than the last!

These manatee bookplates will be on display in a traveling show starting in eastern North Carolina this month. More details to follow!

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