Thursday, December 03, 2009

Bi- and Uni-cycle love

I've almost run out of the "I heart your bike!" tags, so last week I got to work printing new ones. These have the same bike illustration, but I used "nice bike" for the text instead, after hearing through the grapevine that the heart ones are too girly for guys to use. Are these a little more gender neutral?

I ran into so many problem when I tried to letterpress them that, out of sheer frustration, I set aside the Kelsey 5x8 and pulled out the trusty old Gocco. I'd forgotten how much I love the Gocco, and I think you'll be seeing many more Gocco prints in the near future (as long as I can still find supplies for sale).

Along with the bicycle tags, I decided to include our single-wheeled friends, so here are unicycle love tags too! Both tags can be purchased at my Etsy site.


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