Monday, November 09, 2009

blogging and tweeting

Last week I went to a workshop at UNC-A about marketing for DIY crafters, given by the fine folks at Figs & Ginger. They had a lot of good suggestions that got me out of a craft-hating slump, including the importance of keeping up with a good blog. So here I am, trying my best to be a good little blogger, and tweeter too. I've always tried so heard to keep my personal life out of these social networking doodads, but they have a good point - the only ones worth visiting are the interesting ones, and the interesting ones get personal. Don't worry - I won't let you know the details of my love life, but I will probably post pics of my cats. Consider yourself warned.

So, I'm feeling like a good little blogger now, but a bad little printer. I've finally finished my page for the Iowa City Ladies of Letterpress 2010 calendar, which was due on November 1st. Yes... 9 days late and they are still sitting here in my studio. They're so inky that I'm letting them dry overnight before I trim and package them to send out. I feel especially crummy since these are for friends and I knew about it since *May*. It'll make me feel better if you head over to the UI Center for the Book and inquire about purchasing one - all sales will help support UICB, too.

Speaking of Ladies of Letterpress, we now have set up a Scholarship Fund for members of LofL. If you'd like to help support this fund, check out our shop at our new Etsy site.

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