Saturday, March 14, 2009

International Edible Books Festival 2009

I'm helping out this year to create an exhibit of edible books for the International Edible Books Festival 2009! Sponsored by the University of Iowa Center for the Book, it will be held at the UI Main Library on Wednesday, April 1, in the North Lobby. Here are the details:

When was the last time you really devoured a good book? This year, the University of Iowa’s Center for the Book invites faculty, staff, and students to join us in celebrating the annual International Edible Books Festival by creating a delicious book to share with your fellow literary and food enthusiasts.

To celebrate this international event, the Book Arts Club is organizing an exhibition of edible books to be on display on April 1st (no joke!) in the North Lobby of the University of Iowa Main Library. There are only two rules; entries must be edible and they must have something to do with books as shapes and/or content. An entry fee of $5 goes to support the Book Arts Club.

To participate, drop off edible books at the UI Main Library North Lobby on Wednesday, April 1st, between 9-10am. They will be on display from 10am – 12 noon, followed by a reception and book tasting from 12 – 2pm. The awards ceremony starts at 12:30 pm, with prizes awarded based on Best Book Structure, Most Creative Literary Reference, and Best In Show. Also, all entries are automatically entered into a raffle for free sketchbooks from Blick Art Materials.

* The International Edible Book Festival is a yearly event held on April 1st throughout the world. This event unites bibliophiles, book artists, and food lovers to celebrate the ingestion of culture and its fulfilling nourishment. Participants create edible books that are exhibited, documented, and then consumed. Information and inspiration can be found on the Festival's home page at

Edible Books Submission Form (bottom right)

(the photo above is by Heather Hunter and friends, England: Thames, 2002)

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