Monday, November 24, 2008

the next two weeks (plus)

Some upcoming events and shows:

Come by and see me at the upcoming Craft & Fancy Craft Fair! I'll be selling new "Heavens to Betsy" prints, the very popular "Bad Sparrow" books, and new broadsides with poetry by Mike Chasar - a fundraiser we've collaborated on for the Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center, featuring a very vocal basset hound.

"The Bad Sparrow" scroll will be on display at the Metropolitan Center for the Visual Arts in Rockville, Maryland for their upcoming exhibit, "Illustration: Turning the Page." The exhibit runs from December 2, 2008 until February 21, 2009.

I will also be showing work at the Webb Art Gallery in their upcoming show of posters, "Higher Power". This show will be up from December 7, 2008 until March 1, 2009, and includes a private screening of MAKE -- a documentary featuring Hawkins Bolden, Ike Morgan, Royal Robertson, and Judith Scott -- by Scottt Ogden and Malcolm Hearn. Webb Gallery is in Waxahachie, Texas, 30 miles south of Dallas.

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