Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Rural Incident postponed

The Rural Incident, a one-day art extravaganza that was scheduled for today in Oxford, Iowa, has been postponed because of flood complications. I've never been to past ones, but it's supposedly an incredible show with 30 artists and bands playing all day, so I'm sad it was postponed, but as far as I know not cancelled. I will be sure to post when it's rescheduled.

Here in Iowa City, flood waters are receding, but no one is allowed near the flooded buildings until toxicity levels are assessed. From peeking into windows I could get to, Center for the Book is nice and dry, even if the basement is about 5 feet under water. Here is how it looked on the day the river crested (photo by Craig Kelchen):

I can't get anywhere near the Art Bldg, where Printmaking is located, but I found some great aerial views at the UI News Services' flickr site.
It looks like the basment is flooded (up to the ceiling, for sure), but the first floor has been mostly spared. Maybe this will be a nice kick-start to renovation plans that have been dragging out for the past few years?

I like this shot, "Getting fresh air into the IMU."

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Heather Lucille said...

I love the photo of the IMU! I hope you can get into the art campus this week. Please keep me posted as to the new date for the Oxford show - it sounds fantastic!