Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Monster Alert

My monster will be one of many monsters in "A Friendly Altercation," a show where "artists band together to take on monsters, in a battle of creative proportions." Thanks to Jason Whitman for putting together this show, making the monsters, and for putting up with the artists.

Morning Times Gallery
10 E. Hargett St., Raleigh, NC

May 1 - June 2, 2008

Recep. May 2nd 6 - 11 pm


Derek said...

But your monster's so cute!

Jessica White said...

and fuzzy, too - you should rub his belly when you see him (her?)

tgarrett said...

I like your work- I am from Washington IA originally- now I teach in the art department of a small university in Northern MN- Bemidji State University. Before that I taught art in the public schools in the Minneapolis area. Do you study with Emily Martin? I met her at the Minnesota Center for book arts some time back. I teach classes there once in a while. Terry

Jessica White said...

Hi Terry,
Emily Martin is one of my favorite teachers here - I took an Artists Books class with her.

Isn't Bemidji State the school that does the big postcard exchange every year? I keep missing the deadline, but I will try again next year.

I am not originally from Iowa, but I like it here very much.