Sunday, May 13, 2007


Lately I've been thinking about migration and immigration. How does movement change a person, or a group? What about the constant search for 'home' - is this a real location, or is it a time and place that no longer exists for most of us?

I think this may be a seed planted in my head by the Moving Crew.


Cody G. said...

What's that image? Is it new?

Jessica White said...

yeah, it's a new screen print, but still in preliminary stages. i'm going to add to it this summer, change some colors, and probably add text. i'm just excited about the flocking! (in the wallpaper/landscape pattern)

Cody G. said...

I think you told me about flocking some time ago... it's reeeally coooool!!

Along with fertility & mortality, migration is one of the top three causes of demographic change.

Shawn "Scott" Smith said...

i like the neon green. nice