Friday, August 18, 2006

stay focused

Hey check it out - Lucky Creature Attacks is on the front page at the Quimby's Bookstore website. If you'd rather buy it in person at Prairie Lights, look for it in the Magazines/Zines section.

There will NOT be a closing reception for the Graduate printmakers show at the Drewelowe this week, so don't come on Friday night and expect to party.

I'm just finishing up the last page of my new comic, Art School Chronicles: Year 2. It's actually not the last page, but the next-to-last. (I know how I want it to end, but I'm not exactly sure how to get there - funny how some comics realize themselves in unexpected ways). This one has much better illustrations than the first Art School Chronicles, and the story flows better, too. But that's probably because I'm not doing it in 24 hours this time. It's all about my first year here at University of Iowa, and I'm rushing a bit now to get it done before the fall semester starts (Monday). I just know that if I try to remember last year while while starting on this year, everything will just become a muddled mess.

I'm nearing the end of Keith Smith's Structure of the Visual Book. It's my 2nd time reading it, and this time it seems a lot drier than before - more of a mathmatical, analytical approach to bookmaking. I think because it was all so brand new to me the first time, I tended to try his approaches more and experiment with book art in a more random way. But now I have a sense of what I want to do more specifically in my own work, so his style of experimenting just doesn't get me as excited anymore. I'm glad that I can stay focused for a change.

Peas out.

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