Monday, January 29, 2007


How does a caption affect the image? Does adding a caption to a drawing automatically turn it into a cartoon? I've been working on creating texts and images that work with each other, that play off of one another, that co-exist without one superseding the other. Is that possible, or will text always subjugate the image? Fellow travelers right now: Max Ernst, Edward Gorey, Kate Greenaway, Henry Darger...


Thursday, January 18, 2007

going on a journey

There's a thread that ties together storytelling/narratives and printmaking: the journey. A story moves in two ways - starting at the beginning, traveling to the middle, and finishing at (where else?) the end. It can also move you, as reader, from the real world into the world of the story. As for printmaking, it's also about movement: the movement of ink/paint/marks/information from one surface to another. Every print is a narrative in itself, telling the story of how it was created.

narratives = journeys = prints


Monday, January 15, 2007

new term for new genre?

There's been a perceptual shift in public art, from the "irrelevant and overly artist-centered tradition of public art" of the modernist conventions to a type of art that encourages participation from the community that it benefits. Sitting squarely on the fence between fine art and social intervention, no one seems to know what exactly to call it. A close relative to what we all know and understand as "public art", it has unceremoniously been christened "new genre public art". Well, ok, I get it - I suppose it somewhat describes what it is, but for someting so new, so exciting, and life-changing for many people, can't we come up with something a little, well, flashier? What we need is just a completely new term, that leaves out "art" and "social work" altogether, because it is so much more than either of those separately, and even more than just simply bringing the two together. This type of art stands on its own, and needs a name that does the same. (remember "cyberspace"?)